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We have a large amount of resources for you, and we add to them constantly.

Here are our current top resources:

Get to the top of the search engines with Port Bell SEO
What is SEO video
: Riding my motorcycle is one way I relax and one day, while I was out for a ride, a client called with that question. I answered it, of course. But then I created a video, right there on the spot, about what SEO is. I happened to be near the Steilacoom ferry so there was some background noise a couple of times. Two trains went by and there was a low-flying airplane, but that’s what you get when you stop at a random spot to create a video. I hope you like it.

5 Pillars of Digital Marketing Webinar: This 40-minute webinar goes over the 5 foundational pillars of Internet Marketing (SEO is just one tool in a digital marketer’s toolbox).

How Do I Get My Business Higher In Google Videos/Podcasts. We have nine videos or podcasts (you can watch, listen to, or read each of them). The videos are available on our blog or YouTube. The audio podcasts can be found on most podcast platforms (search for Dr. Ty Belknap).

50 Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs: A vast array of tips and ideas to help your business marketing efforts. NOT just internet marketing, but tips on how to synchronize online and offline marketing.